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John 8:31 "Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye intentionally continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; 32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free [to duplicate me as one of my disciples]." 

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The challenge of those produced from the partial gospel of, “Get born again, go to heaven, and rob hell of converts” is a lack of Christian vitality. A more accurate, simplified gospel is, “Believe God raised Jesus from the dead and you with Him, so you are now made like Him in the new-birth to walk as He walked, He will come into you, and live in you, and finish your part of His mission to crush the gates of hell with Jesus operating in and through you! Confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord, be baptized in Holy Spirit and water baptism, become part of a church, and get going manifesting the glory of God on Earth to mature fully into Him. You are now made a new kind of creature by God now dwelling in you for you to use to fix the Earth. We'll show you how.”

Rom 1:16-17, in expanded form, “For this good news of God in Jesus is so great and powerful that this good news releases the dunamis miracle working power of God to bring Heaven to Earth, for anyone that pistis/believes it with glad and great joy, right faith-actions of coming good from God, in and by the Name of Jesus.”  As you do the right faith-actions over who Jesus is and what He has done in our redemption, you release the dunamis miracle power of God to make Heaven on Earth in any situation you aim it. This is born-again living, this is the good news of God. Once born-again, the only missing is the right joy-doing. We'll show you how.

The power to bring salvation to Earth for any promise of God, which are all Yea and Amen in Jesus, is to exercise pistis faith by continual right faith-actions, over the promises of God, to manifest that salvation as desirable blessings to your personal joy and satisfaction. We'll show you how.

That word of grace is your sins are eternally remitted in the blood of Jesus, you can be born-again in spirit unto eternal salvation, you can be divinely healed by God now, divinely prospered now, Holy spirit can dwell in you now, you can operate in the agape love and power of God anytime you want in the good works ordained for you to walk in, you can walk in God's awesome zoe life, and God will work in you and reward you, as you seek Him by right faith-actions, to will, and to do of His good pleasure.

A basic Christian discipleship program can be summarized as 3-6 hours daily in the actions of continually seeking the Lord, stirring up yourself into Holy Spirit zeal, encouragement, and wisdom, Bible study, doing the acts of agape love, doing the 1,050 New Testament commands, and then doing Holy Spirit speaking and singing in tongues 1-6 hours daily. This can start as a project, but life success must transition to right faith-action lifestyle. 

My responsibility is to:

  • Talk you out of what Hell is saying.
  • Talk you into what God is saying.
  • Tell you the tools God has provided for success in Him to your and HIs delight.
  • Help you learn to use these tools of God for you, yours, and others benefit.

Un-Answered Prayer: Seven Things That Limit God


Limiting God: The Gospel of Works

Limiting God: Ignorance of His Word

Limiting God: Evil Traditions

Limiting God: Not Being a Good Mixer   


Power Key Series

Power Key: Righteousness

Power Key: Aiteo - Demand as Due  

Power Key: Right Faith Actions

Power Key: Lambano-Receive

Power Key: The Jesus Standard

Worker Power Key: Christian Worker's Confession        New!    

Power Key: Top Ten Affirmation Magnets            New!                                     

Seeking the Lord

Aiteo Series - Secret Hidden in Plain Sight

Aiteo- Demand as Due

Aiteo in the Epistles                                            NEW!

Aiteo in the Psalms                                            NEW!

Prayer Secret Jesus Commanded                      NEW!

What Jesus Said About Prayer Compilation

  • Command the “Healing and Blessing Promises” of God for You and All You Love.
  • He Wants Us to Do it! He Taught Us to Do it! He Expects Us to Do it!
  • Pray with Authority, as Jesus Prayed, and Change Your World!


Wrath of God and Freedom from Sin


Paul's Thorn


Preach This and Watch the Miracles


Prayer for  Prosperity in Business 


A Biblical Revival Prayer for Christian Awakening


Deliverance from Curses and Demonic Attacks  


Whatever Happened to Demonic Deliverance?        NEW!

Our Part in Healing (Excerpt from FM2) 


New Birth - Unlimited Possibilities in God


The Salvation of God and Salvation Prayer


Christian Meditation - How to Meditate on God's Word - Bible 


Radical Facts: You are Forgiven Already 

A Communion Prayer 

NT Praises to Father God and the Lord Jesus Christ   New Power Tool for Your Mind

These praises were compiled to get my mind into Heavenly Places at the right hand of God in preparation to take Holy Communion/Lord's Table in a worthy manner to operate the blessings of God and rise above the lament of 1 Cor 11:30. If you see any passages to add, please use the website contact form.

1050 New Testament Commands           Major New Revelation!


Exciting eBook, FREE for now: Making "It" Work

Chromosome/DNA/Genetic Divine Healing   Your Victory Program: Yup, this one is NEW!

Help for those with birth defects.

Looking for Answers, this book may be what you need!

Walking in Life   5MB   NEW FREE E-BOOK

- What You should have learned in Church.

- Redemption Facts and How to Apply them for positive RESULTS!

- How to get out of the Hell you are in now!


How to Receive Prophecies, Promises, Words from God         Article  Yup, this one is NEW!

- including How To: Wait on God, Seek God, & Stirring up into Holy Spirit

Spirit Power Dynamics                               eBook                          Yup, this one is NEW Here!

How to make miracle Holy Communion, or the Lord's Table

Formerly called: Freedom in a Snake-Bitten World

One suggestion is that I change the title to: "The Joy Cure." What do you think?

How to Raise the Physically Dead     eBook Yup, this one is NEW Here!

How to Raise the dead, the normal call of God for man.

Faith Evidence     eBook Yup, this one is NEW Here!

How to know you are in biblical faith to awesome results with God

NOTE: see free resources for the FREE audio teachings from this book.

Redemption Facts - KJV Highlighted showing 

Redemption Facts in Blue;  Power in Yellow and NT Commands in Green

A. Matt-Acts

B. Rom-Eph

C Phil-Philemon

D. Heb-Rev

A Glossary of Oft Misunderstood Bible Terms    Yup, this one is NEW Here!

As promised, now it is here.

Complete with references and detailed explanations to be able to understand and use the Scriptures effectively.

We know the Word of God works when we work it like Jesus taught.

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