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Book reviews for a great read.

Calling Bloggers who want to change the world for Jesus!

Do you love books? Do you blog? Do you want free Christian books?

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Do you have a popular Christian blog? Do you have a great network?

We are looking for bloggers to honestly review our books. We are asking for those with an active blog site of solid Christian character and integrity to read and review our books.

You get a free book that could change your life and ministry, and we get people to know what you think about the book.

Then, within 30 days, we ask you to post your review on your blog on, and at least on one other commercial site:,,

NOT A BLOGGER? How about a read and an Amazon book review?


OK, GOD, Now What? (production copy)

Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2 (advance copy)

Discovering Our Redemption (advance copy)

We are gathering comments for the advance, pre-publication books, and can always add great endorsements to our existing books when they are reprinted. Great endorsements can warrant your name in the book if you desire.

Contact us at Contact Form, send us your blog site information. We will check out your site and let you know if you are approved. Then we will send you a copy of your requested book.

Please read our Guidelines for further information.

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Fertilizer for the Fruits of Righteousness

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