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All three books together are called, THE POWER TRILOGY!


If you are waiting on God, I have good news, He is waiting on you! James 4:8 "Draw night to God and He will draw nigh to you." The next step is always ours.

  • You can speed the process!
  • You can enjoy the journey more!
  • You can experience greater and faster results!

As many others have done, use our tools to take your next step into His awesome power and love.

We have spent decades of hard-won, practical and Bible-based experience developing:




  • FEEL YOUR CONFIDENCE IN GOD GROW WITH RESULTS!If Amazon says it is out of stock, they can



NOTE: If Amazon says it is out of stock of printed books, this means no overnight delivery, but they can usually get one of our printed books to you in 1 to 3 weeks. Digital versions are always available by immediate download.

Where are the answers I need?

They are in the Power Trilogy.

Get the complete set today and experience the transformation of your life.




Special Bundle Offer #1:

Get the Entire Power Trilogy, all three books in softcover-paperback format.

You get all three books of: OK, GOD, Now What? PLUS Discovering Our Redemption PLUS Battle Prayer for Divine Healing - Field Manual 2.

An $84.97 value, for only $76.47. 

If you get all three at one time in this bundle, you save a wonderful $8.50!


Get all 3 books in paperback - $76.47  Go to Resources



Special Bundle Offer #2:

Get the Entire Power Trilogy, all three books in audio book format. That is all six volumes! A $289.94 value, for only $260.95.

With this bundle you save a whopping $28.99!





All three complete Audio Books in CD Format - $260.95:   Go to Resources

All three complete Audio Books in MP3 Format - $260.95:    Go to Resources


Special Bundle Offer #3:

For those who want the greatest impact in the shortest time,


Get the Entire Power Trilogy, all three books in softcover PLUS 

all six volumes of the audio books.

You get all three books in print and audio version: OK, GOD, Now What? PLUS Discovering Our Redemption PLUS Battle Prayer for Divine Healing - Field Manual 2. In both formats at an even greater discount. A $374.91 value for only $318.70!

With this bundle you save an awesome $56.21! 







All 3 books with the Audio Books in CD Format - $318.70 :  Go to Resources

All 3 books with the Audio Books in MP3 Format - $318.70 :  Go to Resources




Special Bundle Offer #4:

Get the Entire Power Trilogy, all three books in PDF format.

You get all three books of: OK, GOD, Now What? PLUS Discovering Our Redemption PLUS Battle Prayer for Divine Healing - Field Manual 2 in the universal PDF format. You can put them on your computer, cell phone, Kindle, iPad, or any similar device. 

A $44.99 value, for only $39.00.

If you get all three at one time in this bundle, you save a wonderful $5.97. That is almost $6.00!

All three books of the Power Trilogy in digital eBook (pdf) format: $39.00  Go to Resources

NOTE: the shopping cart on this website cannot handle multiple downloads for one item number at this time, so you will be re-directed to our Facebook site SHOP for Covenant Peace Ministries. If you are not a member of Facebook, you will need to open a Facebook account to get access to this special bundle offer. Please accept our appologies.

Below is the direct link to Facebook is you have any troubles accessing this offer. Once at our SHOP, go to PDF books for this PDF bundle offer.!/CovenantPeaceMinistries/app_251458316228   


For individual Book + Audio Book bundle offers:

Please go to that book's page. Just click on any of the book images below to go to that page.





Available Formats

Each of these books is a step-by-step guide for results and is available in soft back, hardcover, eBook, pdf, iBook, Kindle, and Nook. The digital formats for download are available here at this Book Store, Just go the page of the sepcific book you are interested in. You can also click on the individual images just above.

All the Power Trilogy Books are available in Audio Book Format. Each audio book format is divided into two volumes each. To get an entire audio version of a book, both volumes are necessary. Each volume is sold separately or in discounted bundles.


Each of these books is a step-by-step guide for results:


 Soft back, hardcover, eBook, audio book and durable versions available


 Softback, hard back, eBook, audio book and durable versions available



Special OK, GOD, Now What? Radio and TV Offer: Click Here 


Discovering Our Redemption

Softback, hard back, eBook, and audio book versions available

GET YOUR OWN COPY TODAY, CLICK HERE >  Discovering Our Redemption




We know the Word of God works. Please send us your testimonies of how these books and other products have helped you.

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These POWER TRILOGY books are not just for your library, use them every day.

Are your paperback and hardcover versions falling apart?


Many use their copy of OK, God, Now What and FM2 every day.

These special durable, spiral bound editions are for high repeat usage. they are great of leading Bible studies, preaching and ministry. These are not standard books, for regular hard and soft back versions, please see the pages for each book.

Field Manual 2, and OK, God, Now What?  in special Durable Editions are available by special order with plastic front and back covers with spiral binding for ease of use. Special sections are in larger font for easy-eye reading. 

Get these long lasting tools today! 

Durable Edition: Battle Prayer for Healing, FM2.............  $60.00    Go to Resources

Durable EditionOK, God, Now What? ..................... .....  $60.00   Go to Resources


Save $20.00  Both Durable Edition books for $100.00   Go to Resources


Want copies for your book reading club, Bible Study, prayer group, school, business or ministry, or to give as gifts?

To order by our volume discount program just put your quantity in the shopping cart as you check out, the proper discounts will be automatically applied there. This is done from the page for each book you desire.

Applies to all Power Trilogy Books in softcover format only. 

Quantity Discounts:

Buy 02-09 Save $1.00

Buy 10-19 Save $2.00

Buy 20-39 Save $3.00

Buy 40-59 Save $5.00

Buy 60-99 Save $6.00

Buy 100 or more, Contact Us.

For other products, such as the audio books, please Contact Us.


We are usually much faster, but please allow 6 weeks for delivery.

Ordering Instructions Note: You will always receive an email receipt if your order is completed. If you do not receive an email receipt, it means you didn't complete the order and will have re-order.


Ordering Instructions

Note: Pennsylvania state tax applies to all orders for those state shipping addresses.

Please follow these directions carefully. We suggest you print this out so you can read it and follow it step-by-step.

  1.  Click the "Add to Cart" button for the book or item you want
  2. You will be taken to the shopping cart contents menu.
  3. After you finish shopping, and the cart contents are correct, then you will fill in you shipping and payment information in "Check-Out."
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  10. If you have any special delivery instruction, go to the block at the bottom of the form. If your request creates any additional charges, we will contact by email.
  11. Follow ALL directions carefully.

For Orders Purchased with a Credit Card:

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Returns Policy

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What is Covenant Peace Publications? Just like a church book store, we are the retails sales arm of Covenant Peace Ministries and must follow all the State and Federal requirements of a reputable merchant. To that end our processes follow the latest and best for product ordering and especially credit card protections.


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