Walking in Christ is Easier Than You Think

Truth and Tools to Equip Your Kingdom Walk

Fertilizer for the Fruits of Righteousness


Penetrating the Darkness with the Light of Christ

Here are some friends, partners and recommendations to help you grow in demonstrating the power of the Kingdom of God in the Name of Jesus


Various Ministries We Recommend:

The official ministry of John G. Lake, Curry Blake: www.jglm.org

Dan Mohler and Todd White on power and love: www.NeckMinistries.com 

Dr. Snell explains the Abrahamic covenant like no one else, and he gets powerful results: www.JaySnell.org

Blog of Donald C. Mann to encourge Kingdom thinking: BLOG.CovenantPeace.com

Facebook: Covenant Peace Ministries' daily New Creation Thoughts

Don Mann on Twitter


Bible Study Tools:

I use this one often. I love the original Greek and Hebrew resources and the large number of different Bible translations: www.BlueLetterBible.com 

Another source for various translations: www.BibleGateWay.com

I don't leave home without it: http://www.biblesoft.com


Other Helps: 

Sermons of Charles Finney: http://www.charlesgfinney.com/subjectindex.htm 

Sermons of John Wesley: http://wesley.nnu.edu/john_wesley/sermons/index.htm 

Large Collection of Modern Minister Materials: http://www.themannareserve.org

Dr. Roger Sapp has great material on healing: http://www.allnationsmin.org/

Dr Kenyon has been a great help to me and many others: www.Kenyons.org

Statement on Dr. E. W. Kenyon: Kenyon 

Steven Scott gives solid Biblical business advice: http://stevenscott.com  

Ken Blanchard has great business and team advice: http://www.kenblanchard.com/ 

Dr. Dobson is the best I know on raising children: http://www.focusonthefamily.com/

John Maxwell has sound leadership teaching: http://www.johnmaxwell.com/

Joyce Meyer is one of the best on Christian maturity:  http://www.joycemeyer.org/

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have wonderful faith teaching: http://www.kcm.org/

Creflo Dollar has great teaching and encouragement: http://www.creflodollarministries.org/

Jesse Duplantis is full of God's joy and profound wisdom: http://www.jdm.org/jdmDefault.aspx  

Dr. Caroline Leaf has a great understanding of the biology of sin and how to get free:


Dr. T. L. Osborn has probably preached to more people than any other human to date.Extensive non-US ministry. www.osborn.org

Dr. Charles Ndifon has a powerful miracle ministry. His work in Denmark in 2000-2002 is well documented in "The God of Miracles" by journalist Henri Nissen. Dr. Charles' website is : www.christlove.org

David Hogan is controversial but does have powerful results. He has been investigated many times over the last 30 years and still attracts numerous workers for his ministry in Mexico. He has no book or recording ministry, so much of what is available is made by others. His website is: http://freedom-ministries.us

God created a nation of entrepreneurs when the wandering people of Isreal under Joshua got farms and orchards they took from giants, so they immediately had extra food to sell. God created a whole nation of business people almost all at once. Our "tent-making" and business growth ministry is the Ritemann Consulting business of Donald C. Mann: www.RiteMann.com

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And then there is your potential for His Light.

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Fertilizer for the Fruits of Righteousness

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