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Discover the keys to making the habits you want, and breaking the habits you do not want.

Break the tyranny, bondage and fear of bad, negavite and destructive habits, and get control of your life.

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If you are not intentionally controlling your mind, others are intentionally doing it to you.

Whose thoughts are you thinking and what are are they doing to you?


Donald Mann says this is no time to sit around being worried about your finances, relationships, career or your health; it’s the time for action! And he has just the right tools in his repair kit to help.

Science has discovered that you live 95% of time by habit run by the subconscious mind, and you are not even aware it is happening. Now you know why all those New Year's resolutions and best intentions do not work. If you do not learn to manage your habits, they will manage you.

In this book Donald shares:
• That if you haven’t discovered your best self, you will end up in a doctor’s office.
• 5 major signs you are in need of identity repair.
• 5 steps you can take to eliminate stress-related medical and life issues.
• How you can save $1,800 a year in medical costs.

Learn the steps of how habits are formed and work so you can take control of your life.

Science has discovered that anxiety is the root of evil, and a right self identity is the prime cure. And your self identity is a habit run by your subconscious mind.

He’ll show you why you need to determine what makes you different, how small steps DO add up and why it’s important to remember: IDENTITY THEFT IS NOT JUST ABOUT YOUR MONEY.

All the economists are saying that things aren’t going to look better for a while. Donald Mann will not only give you the tools to help you keep your life afloat, but to generate positive results as well.

TOPIC: Discover Your Best Identity or End Up in a Doctor's Office

• How to turn your life to success in hard times by repairing your self identity.
• Why Donald predicts that your doctor visits will increase in two to six months.
• You live 95 percent of your life through your subconscious mind and ways fear-based thinking affects you even though you may not realize it. You are not aware of it, it is unconscious, but it is real, and it never stops.

Get your questions answered on how to take control of your subconscious mind and create your best future.

Does it work? You will hear about Lisa, from Lorton, VA, who by using the habit management tools described in this book, overcame drug addiction, thyroid trouble and depression.

It all started when Donald had to explain how he took a failing company, and with the same people, in 6 years they produced $500 million in sales. This is an extraordinay accomplishment, but with the same people? That almost never happens.

He not only saved hundreds of jobs, but he saved a whole town from economic ruin. And the culture in the plant remained strong for the next ten years. Awesome!

Donald put these principles into this little book so that anyone can do the same for any trouble or good desire in their lives.

In this book you will:
• Find how Michael Phelps pulled success from failure and diapointment in the 2012 Olympics, and so can you.

• Find out how to save $1,800 or more per family.

• Find out how to make education go from breaking your back to helping you.

• Learn why all the advice and self help books in the world have done so little good because of this missing ingredient.
• Learn 5 steps that can break every negative habit and fill your life with word-driven creativity, fearless joy, health and prosperity as God promised.

... All this and more.

You're gonna love it!

In digital eBook (pdf) format: $9.99   Go to Resources

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