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Information for Book Reading Groups, Bible Study and School Groups

Have the author join the conversation when your book, Bible study, prayer or school group discusses any of our books, articles, podcasts or videos.

Don will chat by speakerphone with any book reading or school group that chooses OK, God, Now, What?, Battle Prayer for Divine Healing-FM2, Discovering Our Redemption, or any of our other resources.

Here’s your opportunity to ask questions of “the horse’s mouth”!  Which part in the book are part of Don's real testimony, and which are from other sources?  How was the book researched, and how is it being adapted to various people, churches, ministries, groups and organizations?  


Fill out the request form to take advantage of this unusual offer. There is no cost involved -- simply a gathering of readers, seekers or students and a speakerphone to make sure the entire group can share the experience. 

How to Make a Request
for a Telephone Conversation with the Author

Your request for a speakerphone chat with Don can be made through the Chat Request form

Please use these guidelines for your Chat Request:

  • Chats are scheduled between 9 AM Eastern and 10:30 PM Eastern time.  (All requests must be converted to Eastern Time.)
  • You'll be asked to provide a choice of dates and times. The more dates you can provide, the easier it will be to schedule a chat. The time you request should be 15-30 minutes after your group meeting begins so everyone has some time to settle in before joining Don's call.
  • Leave a comment to let Don know how you found out about the book and why you chose it for your group.  The more details you can provide, the better Don can tailor the experience to your group's interests.
  • What answers to prayer are you seeing before and after reading the book?
  • What parts would you like more clarification?
  • Chats are not limited to the US.  As long as it can be scheduled within the hours listed above, Don is happy to chat with readers in countries all over the world.

To make your request for a conversation, link here to the Chat Request Form. 

What Happens Next?  Chat Details

Once you've made your request, Don will be in touch with you, usually within a week.  Together you will determine the date and time for the chat. 

You will need access to a speaker telephone. Don recommends giving it a trial run beforehand  by having someone in your group dial in to that phone from outsideMake sure that you can hear him clearly—and that he can hear you from a good distance away.

Plan the call to come in 15-30 minutes after your group gets together.  At that point you will have begun your discussion and Don's role will be to answer those “horse’s mouth” questions!

At the appointed time, Don will join you for the next 30 - 45 minutes. You'll all enjoy each other's company while you discuss OK, God, Now What?, etc., its inspirational message, the impact for our modern world,  the author's research, and details of any follow on projects.

It’s as easy as that! 



Speakerphone Chat Request Form


If you have a problem
with this form, or
if you don't receive a reply within 14 days,
please send an email to:

Contact Don at: Info@CovenantPeaceMinistries.com

Please fill out the following form in its entirety. Personal information like your phone number or email address will not appear on the website. It will be used only by the author and his staff to get in touch with you for scheduling purposes.

Please be familiar with chat request guidelines before making your request Link here.

Chats are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

All times should be converted to Eastern time. Need help making the conversion? Link here.

Titles we are happy to chat with you about.

OK, God, Now What?

Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2

Discovering Our Redemption

Free Articles - Tell us which title

Free Videos - Tell us which title

Free Podcasts - Tell us which title

Other - Tell us which title

Be sure and tell us which title you want us to chat about on the Chat Request form below.

Don't want to schedule a speakerphone chat with a book or school group? Just want to leave a comment or ask a question of Don? Please do not use this Chat Request form! Instead, use the Comment form. Link here.


For any problems or questions, please contact us at: Info@CovenantPeaceMinstires.com

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