Walking in Christ has more joy, love, power, grace, fulfillment, peace, satisfaction, propserity, health, help and friendship than you ever thought possible. It is beyond your wildest dreams, and is already paid for. 

Truth and Tools to Equip Your Kingdom Walk

Fertilizer for the Fruits of Righteousness



Encourage others and enter a free book contest. 

You may even get published in the process.

Each month we give away a free copy of "OK, GOD, Now What?" to the person who shares the best Christ Affirmation story, tip, or miracle testimony. If it is important or exciting to you, it will be also to others, so please share with us.

Christ Affirmation Story: What you experienced of a scripture coming alive by a New Testament Affirmation or verse.

Tips and Helpful Hints: Tips and techniques on how you keep doing your Christ Affirmations, prayer, ministry to the sick, etc.

Miracle Testimony: A real miracle, not just happy circumstances, what Scriptures you used and how it was done.


Share your best Christ Affirmation story, tip or miracle testimony today.


Share your best story, tip or testimony in this form.


Please try to keep your input to no more than 2 typewritten pages. Shorter is usually better

The best process is to write your input in your word processor and paste it into the above form. If that does not work, then submit via email to Info@CovenantPeaceMinistries.com, but it may take longer for us to respond. But please still submit the form as it is your official contest entry.


NOTICE: With your input you are giving us permission to use it in our publications so we can share it with others. Per our privacy policy we will not make your email public. And yes, your input is needed and critical. As we are told in Rev 12:11, it is the word of our testimony that helps defeat the evil in this world. So your input is a form of spiritual warfare, encouragement to others and vitally needed. Help us make a difference in the lives of others.


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