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Identity Theft is Not Just Your Money

If you are not controlling your mind, others are. 

Enter Donald Mann - The Identity Repairman - to the Rescue!  




Donald Mann says this is no time to sit around being worried about your finances, relationships, career or your health; it’s the time for action! And he has just the right tools in his repair kit to help.

Why did Donald write this book? Donald wrote OK, GOD, Now What, on how you can use uncovering your self-identity for better health and finances created from what he learned firsthand from years of growing companies and people in both the business world, and in Christian ministry.

Donald will share:
• That if you haven’t discovered your best self, you will end up in a doctor’s office.
• 5 major signs you are in need of identity repair.
• 5 steps you can take to eliminate stress-related medical and life issues.
• How you can save $1,800 a year in medical costs.

Science has discovered that anxiety is the root of evil, and a right self identity is the prime cure.

He’ll show you why you need to determine what makes you different, how small steps DO add up and why it’s important to remember: IDENTITY THEFT IS NOT JUST ABOUT YOUR MONEY.

All the economists are saying that things aren’t going to look better for a while. Donald Mann will not only give you the tools to help you keep your life afloat, but to generate positive results as well.

TOPIC: Discover Your Best Identity or End Up in a Doctor's Office

 We will discuss:

  • How to turn your life to success in hard times by repairing your self identity.
  • Why Donald predicts that your doctor visits will increase in two to six months.
  • You live 95 percent of your life through your subconscious mind and ways fear-based thinking affects you even though you may not realize it. You are not aware of it, it is unconscious, but it is real, and it never stops.

Get your questions answered on how to take control of your subconscious mind and create your best future.

Does it work? You will hear about Lisa, from Lorton, VA, who by using the tools in OK, GOD, Now What, rebuilt her self-identity and overcame clinical depression and drug dependency.

It all started when Donald had to explain how he took a failing company, and with the same people, in 6 years they produced $500 million in sales. This is an extraordinay accomplishment, but with the same people? That almost never happens.

He not only saved hundreds of jobs, but he saved a whole town from economic ruin. And the culture in the plant remained strong for the next ten years. Awesome!

Donald took what he learned and put the process in OK, GOD, Now What so anyone can learn how to do the same over any adversity faster, and to reach their best life possible, sooner.

If Lisa and Donald did it, so can you.

In this Teleclass you will:

  • Find how Michael Phelps pulled success from failure and diapointment in the 2012 Olympics, and so can you.
  • Find out how to save $1,800 or more per family.
  • Find out how to make education go from breaking your back to helping you.
  • Learn why all the advice and self help books in the world have done so little good because of this missing ingredient.
  • Learn 5 steps that can break every negative habit and fill your life with word-driven creativity, fearless joy, health and prosperity as God promised.

                     ... All this and more.

                         You're gonna love it!

Especially when you discover, it is easier than you may think with the tools in OK, GOD, Now What.

FREE GIFT: All participants will be able to get Donald's new book, Keys To Breaking Habits, Click here


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Frustrated Believers: Recent polls show 98.4% of Americans believe in God or a higher power. Almost everyone has situations in their life to overcome. But many are frustrated by a lack of answered prayer.

Yet the Bible is designed to be our primary physical contact with God. And the Bible tells us God wants to answer right prayer. So how do we work effectively with God by the Bible to see more answered prayer?

  • Most of us have tasted a nibble or two from God's great banquet table of His goodness and love, yet the full table is set for us now.

Wouldn't you love to know how to get to this wonderful table anytime you need something good from God?

Just think what it would be like if you could go to His awesome banquet table, and get what you need - anytime!

Wouldn't you love to know how to live at that table so your best life possible could be, not a pipe dream, but your reality?

Just think of what life would be like if you were to walk more fully in His great love plan for you and yours - all the time!

God operates by faith and not need.  This may seem strange to you, but faith and unbelief are habits, especially habits in how we think, and that is the key to developing awesome and powerful results with God. Habits, even thinking habits, can be changed or strengthened. Learn to develop the right habits, and anything of God's goodness becomes possible for you.

  • Science has shown that we humans operate 95% by habit. That is how we are designed to operate. If you want any improvement in anything you need to learn how to change your habits in the fastest and most effective way possible.
  • In this class we show you the best of what is possible and how to get it.

How did Donald learn this? It all started when Donald had to explain how he took a failing company, and with the same people, in 6 years they produced $500 million in sales.

He not only saved hundreds of jobs, but he rescued a whole town from economic ruin. The process drove Donald to his kness because he had to have answers for all these people.

The good news for you: Donald took what he learned and put the process in OK, GOD, Now What so anyone can do the same over any adversity fastert, and to reach their best life possible, sooner.


 Our books are written with the attitude of: "I wish I had read this book when I was new in Christ, what a difference it would have made."

We've seen God do lots of wonderful things, and I want you to experience Him in the same, and even greater ways.


Together we can make His will happen.

God Bless You, in the Name of Jesus!



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